What is going to happen?
You will be asked to lie on your back on the x-ray table. In some instances the urethra may first be opacified in a male patient if there is a possibility of a stricture. The urethra is then anesthetised using local anaesthetic after which a catheter is passed into the bladder. The bladder is filled with contrast material until the patient needs to urinate. This is done while the radiologist observes for any reflux of contrast back up the ureters. Several x-rays are taken. You will than stand up and be asked to urinate while pictures are taken.
Is it painful?
There will be some discomfort during the urethrogram and also a burning feeling during passing of the catheter.
Are there any risks with this test?
Radiation is used so you must not be pregnant. Iodinated contrast is used with a small risk of an allergic reaction. There is a possibility of injury to the urethra or possible extravasation of contrast with increased pressure injection.
Should I make a booking?
It is preferable to make a booking.

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