What are the indications for ultrasound?
Indications for ultrasound will be covered under the relevant organ system being investigated.
What is going to happen?
You may be asked to get partially undressed and put on a gown depending on the region to be investigated. Most ultrasound examinations are performed with you lying on your back. For musculoskeletal work, you may be asked to sit on a chair. Use is made of ultrasound gel to remove any air between the patient and the probe. The investigation is painless and harmless.
How long will the procedure take?
Typically an ultrasound examination will last about 10-15 minutes depending on the areas to be imaged.
When will I get my results?
After the investigation the Radiologist may discuss the findings with you.

However the result will go your Doctor on the same day who will then contact you or you can take it to him/her.

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