Imaging Guided Biopsy

This technique is used to sample an abnormal area that has been detected either during a previous investigation or noticed clinically. Common areas submitted to biopsy are the lung, liver, kidney, thyroid, breast and soft tissue tumors.

Two most common types of biopsy are:

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION (FNA) means removing some cells from a suspicious lesion by a tiny hollow needle and examining them under a microscope. It involves a radiologist and a pathologist working as a team.

CORE BIOPSY means removing a piece of living tissue from an organ or other part of the body using a bigger spring loaded needle. It is usually performed by a radiologist but may sometimes involve a team consisting of a radiologist, surgeon and pathologist.

Sometimes the aspiration is performed to remove the fluid around the lung or from the abdomen in order to relieve the pressure. In that case it can be both diagnostic and therapeutic.

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